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Wiegi® Stone Pine Bed

Sleep and dream in harmony in our Wiegi- Stone Pine Bed

Stone Pine Bed Model "Herz"
Enjoy the "Herz" double bed. The wood of precious and massive stone pines makes nostalgic hearts beat faster. The traditionally softly curved design is reminiscent of bygone days.

The soft shape of the side parts is slightly elevated and offers a cozy and safe feeling during sleep. The construction is unique. 100% wood without any metal parts. This work of art can be assembled in a few minutes.
The mattresses rest perfectly on 41 vertical slats. The slats offer optimal air flow for the mattress.  Be assured by our bed system Wiegi and the "Herz" model. Dive into a paradise of dreams and restorative sleep.

Attention to detail and an antique footrest (“Fuißbankl“) are the origins of the design of the night stand. Bed model “Herz” is an exclusive piece of furniture. The nightstand is made of 100% massive stone pine and will be delivered in one piece.

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