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Accessories for Stone Pine Beds

The following products supplement our cradle collection and offer additional comfort. We pay special attention to naturalness and quality during the manufacturing process and during the selection of our material.
Mattress Overlay
The mattress overlay is made from new wool; dimensions are 900 x 2000 mm and offer the possibility of increasing your sleep comfort. When placed over a regular mattress, you will feel the advantages (please read the detailed article about positive characteristics of sheep’s wool). Made from 100% cotton and without any additional bleaching agents. The new wool is manufactured during beneficial moon phases by hand into a mattress overlay. The handwork applies traditional knowledge for superior quality.
The wool duvet keeps you warm on cold days and cools you on hot days. This is only one of the beneficial characteristics of sheep’s wool. The duvet is made from 100% natural cotton without any additional bleaching agents. These natural materials are manufactured during beneficial moon phases by hand and its dimensions are 1400 x 1000 mm. The handwork applies traditional knowledge for superior quality.
The pillow like the duvet is made from natural cotton and local new wool. Hand sewn with love, it guarantees a well-deserved sleep.
Duvet Cover and Pillow Case
The duvet cover and pillow case are the epitome of love to details.

The vintage materials in red/white, blue/white are made from 100% cotton. Touch and breathe the feel of the cozy bedding as if you are in a cozy mountain chalet.
Heart-shaped Pillow
Love in the shape of stone pine lavender pillows. The natural scent of stone pines and lavender is a true gift from nature. Stone pine, as well a lavender, aids sleep with their calming effects. This harmonious mixture has found its home in the heart shape. Surrounded by lace trim, the scent will freely develop. The pillow (28 x 28 cm) is made by hand with love and is available in red/white, blue/white, and natural cotton. A perfect gift with its hearty scent of nature.
Stone Pine Lavender Pouches
A pouch in every corner.
Especially stone pine lavender pouches. Next to a pillow, or in a closet between clothes, it will spread that very special scent. Wrapped with love in red/white, blue/white, or natural cotton. (15x20 cm).
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