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Accessories for Cradles

The following products supplement our cradle collection and offer additional comfort. We pay special attention to naturalness and quality during the manufacturing process and during the selection of our material.
The canopy protects your sleeping baby in a calming atmosphere. The gingham fabrics come in red/white, blue/white, and natural cotton. They are made from 100% cotton.

The hand-sewn canopy is available with or without additional lace trimmings.
The comfortable mattresses deliver warmth and security. They are made by hand during beneficial moon phases.
The cozy duvet is made form 100% cotton without any chemical bleaching agents, the filling is pure combed local sheep’s wool. The handwork applies traditional knowledge for superior quality.
Duvet Cover
The Wiegi® duvet cover is hand-sewn with love. The gingham fabric comes in red/white, blue/white, and natural cotton. They are made from 100% cotton and wood buttons.
The pillow is made of natural cotton and new wool. It is not meant to be a traditional head rest, but a protection for the bay’s head should it come in contact with the wooden headboard. Therefore the pillow should be propped up behind the head of the baby (not under the head!), against and at the top the cradle.
Pillow Case
Matches the canopy and duvet cover in the standard colors red/white, blue/white, and natural cotton. Made by hand.
Your baby feels the cozy warmth of the sheep skin next to its skin. The naturally tanned skin surrounds the body of the newborn perfectly. Baby will be very comfortable. Infuse the mother’s scent by lying on top of the sheepskin in order to additionally comfort your baby. Baby enjoys its known surroundings - safe and secure.
Herbal Pouches
Lemon balm, rose petals, bee balm, and mullein mixed with hay from high altitude alpine meadows, wrapped with love in cotton pouches, 60g. These hand-picked local herbs will be an additional aid to your newborn’s wellbeing.
Stone Pine Lavender Heart
Filled with stone pine shavings and lavender blossoms, the heart envelops with a natural, relaxing and feel-well scent. It can be attached at the top of the canopy and catch the infant’s curious attention.
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